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Kalausi b, HD 83443 b

Proper NameBuru
DesignationsKalausi b, HD 83443 b
ClassificationGas giant
Orbital Period2 days, 23.8 hours
Mean Distance from Kalausi6.1 million km
0.04 AU
MassNot known
Diameter0.4 x Jupiter
Temperature1,218 K (945°C)
Parent starKalausi (HD 83443), orange dwarf star in Vela
Other planets in this system Kalausi c (HD 83443 c), unconfirmed gas giant
NotesA gas giant with a little less than half the mass of Jupiter, Buru pursues a very close orbit around its parent star Kalausi, taking just three days to complete an orbit of the star. There are indications that Buru shares its system with another much more massive gas giant, HD 83443 c, that follows a more distant and highly eccentric orbit of Kalausi.

Imagery provided by Aladin sky atlas


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