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Saturn XIII, Tethys B

Proper NameTelesto
DesignationSaturn XIII
Primary PlanetSaturn
Orbital Period1 day, 21 hours, 18 minutes
Distance from SaturnSemi-Major Axis: 294,619 km
Periapsis: 292,527 km
Apoapsis: 296,711 km
Rotation Period1 day, 21 hours, 18 minutes (synchronous orbit)
Diameter (longest axis)32.6 km
20.3 miles
NotesA small, elongated moon of Saturn notable for sharing its orbit with two other moons. It circles Saturn 60° ahead of the much larger moon Tethys (more than forty times Telesto's size), which is followed in turn by another small elongated moon, Calypso.


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