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Saturn V

Proper NameRhea
DesignationSaturn V
Primary PlanetSaturn
Family / ClassMajor regular moons
Orbital Period4 days, 12 hours
Distance from SaturnSemi-Major Axis: 527,200 km
Periapsis: 526,500 km
Apoapsis: 527,900 km
Rotation Period4 days, 12 hours (synchronous orbit)
Mean Diameter1,527 km
949 miles

A pale and icy moon of the planet Saturn, whose diameter of more than 1,500 kilometres makes it that planet's second largest satellite, after Titan. Rhea is the outermost of five moons that orbit close to their parent planet, with the others (counting inwards) being Dione, Tethys, Enceladus and, closest of all to Saturn, Mimas. Beyond Rhea are some 700,000 kilometres of empty space before the orbit of the next moon, mighty Titan itself.


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