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Jupiter XXXVII

Proper NameKale
DesignationJupiter XXXVII
Primary PlanetJupiter
Family / ClassCarme Group
Orbital Period2 years, 6 days (retrograde)
Distance from JupiterSemi-Major Axis: 23,052,600 km (0.15 AU)
Periapsis: 17,012,800 km (0.11 AU)
Apoapsis: 29,092,400 km (0.19 AU)
Rotation PeriodNot known
Mean Diameter2 km
1.2 miles
NotesKale is a tiny moon of Jupiter, estimated to be just two kilometres in diameter. It belongs to the Carme Group, a collection of approximately a dozen outer moons that follow highly inclined retrograde orbits around the giant planet. The moons of this group are thought to be fractured remnants from the capture of a larger object by Jupiter's gravity, of which the 47-kilometre Carme is the largest of the surviving fragments.


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