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Saturn XLI

Proper NameFenrir
DesignationSaturn XLI
Primary PlanetSaturn
Family / ClassNorse Group
Orbital Period3 years, 164 days, 8 hours
Distance from SaturnSemi-Major Axis: 22,454,000 km (0.15 AU)
Periapsis: 19,423,000 km (0.13 AU)
Apoapsis: 25,485,000 km (0.17 AU)
Rotation PeriodNot known
Diameter (longest axis)4 km
2.5 miles
(highly uncertain)
NotesThe small, dark moon Fenrir is part of a group of some hundred irregular moons orbiting in the outer regions of the Saturn system, known collectively as the Norse group. Like the other members of the group, Fenrir has a retrograde orbit, and thus is likely to be an object captured by Saturn's gravity, rather than having formed within the Saturnian system.


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