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Corona Australis

The Southern Crown

Constellation of the southern sky

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GenitiveCoronae Australis
Constellation FamilyHercules
Celestial QuadrantPrimarily SQ4, extending very slightly into SQ3
Right Ascension17h59 to 19h21
Declination-36.7° to -45.5°
Area (sq deg)128
Brightest StarMeridiana
Optimum VisibilityJuly
NotesA counterpart in the southern sky to the rather more prominent Northern Crown, Corona Borealis, with a similar arcing shape. This constellation is notable as containing an extensive molecular cloud in its northeastern regions, a dark cloud of matter punctuated by bright nebulae some 430 light years from the Solar System.
Map of Corona Australis Map of Corona Australis

On the edges of the Milky Way, towards the centre of the galaxy, lies the constellation of Corona Australis. Though none of its stars are particularly bright, its horseshoe shape is easily distinguishable.


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