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DesignationsLeo I Group, M96 Group
Right AscensionCentred around 10h 47m 15s
DeclinationCentred around +11° 54' 17"
Distancec.36,900,000 light years
c.11,300,000 parsecs
DimensionsApparent: c. 6° x 2.3°
Actual: c. 3,900,000 x 1,500,000 light years
MembersEight major galaxies, including M95, M96 and M105; up to twenty-four members in total
Optimum VisibilityMarch
NotesA small group of galaxies within the Virgo Supercluster, containing three Messier galaxies: M95, M96 and M105. A notable feature is the Leo Ring, a vast ring of material hundreds of thousands of light years across created by an ancient collision between M96 and the lenticular galaxy NGC 3384.

The primary galaxies of the Leo I Group. At the centre bottom of the image is the spiral M96, from which the group takes its alternative name of the M96 Group, and to the west of M96 is the barred spiral M95. The trio of galaxies to the northeast includes the third Messier galaxy of the group, elliptical M105, as well as the lenticular galaxy NGC 3384. Imagery provided by Aladin sky atlas


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