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Comet Giacobini

Comet C/1898 M1

Proper NameGiacobini
DesignationC/1898 M1, 1898g, 1898 V
Orbital inclination to the Ecliptic+166°
Orbital PeriodOpen orbit (will not return to the inner Solar System)
NotesComet Giacobini approached the Sun to nearly 1.5 AU in July 1898, before its hyperbolic orbit, highly inclined to the Ecliptic, carried it away from the inner Solar System never to return.

One of the earliest comets to be discovered by Giacobini, and one of at least ten to bear his name. It passed through the inner Solar System in the early part of 1899, and left on a parabolic course that will not see it return. It is now far beyond the orbit of Pluto, and hurtling away from the Solar System at about 17,000 km/h.