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The Chronicle of Arda

Welcome to The Chronicle of Arda. This section of the site provides automated annals for all four Ages of the Sun and Moon. For any period of Arda's history, the Chronicle will display the events that happened in that time. Events and characters are entered into the Chronicle as they are added to the main database: like the rest of The Encyclopedia of Arda this section of the site is expanding all the time.

You can have the Chronicle look up events for specific dates by entering one or two years in the form below. If you enter two dates, the Chronicle will display events that happened between those two years. If you leave one of the dates blank, the Chronicle will display events in the century around the single year you specify.

For years after III 1601 (the year of the foundation of Shire, and therefore Shire Year 1), the Chronicle will also show years by the Shire-reckoning in a second column.

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III 3001 to III 3018
(a period of 17 years)

 • 7,031 years after the Return of the Noldor
 • 3,123 years after the Downfall of Númenor
 • Contemporary with the War of the Ring

The Third Age

30011401Beginning to suspect that Bilbo's Magic Ring may be Sauron's One Ring, Gandalf and Aragorn begin to search for Gollum.
22 September Bilbo Baggins' Birthday Party and farewell feast.
30021402Éomund, father of Éomer and Éowyn, is slain by Orcs.
After wandering in Middle-earth, Bilbo comes to Rivendell and settles there as Elrond's guest.
Death of Lalia, widow of Thain Fortinbras Took II, in an apparent accident.
c.30021402Théodwyn, mother of Éomer and Éowyn, dies of a sickness.
30031403Bilbo Baggins begins work on his Translations from the Elvish.
30051405Death of Odo Proudfoot.
30071407Death of Saradas Brandybuck.
Death of King Bain of Dale. He is succeeded by his son Brand.
Death of Gilraen the mother of Aragorn.
30081408Death of Rorimac Brandybuck. He is succeeded as Master of Buckland by his son, Saradoc.
30091409Death of Frodo Baggins' uncle Dudo Baggins.
Birth of Bergil son of Beregond.
30101410Likely date of the death of Dinodas Brandybuck.
Likely date of the death of Adrahil. He is succeeded as Prince of Dol Amroth by his son Imrahil.
30121412Following the death of his father Otho, Lotho Sackville-Baggins inherits Leaf plantations in the Southfarthing of the Shire.
Elfhelm is appointed a Marshal of the Mark in command of the garrison at Edoras.
30131413Midyear's Day A Free Fair is held on the White Downs, at which Will Whitfoot is elected (or re-elected) to the post of Mayor.
30141414Théoden begins to fall ill, and his counsellor Gríma begins to gain power over the King.
30151415Death of Thain Ferumbras III of the Shire, the last of his line. He is succeeded by Paladin Took II.
30171417Gandalf travels to Minas Tirith, and there discovers the Scroll of Isildur.
Gollum is released after several years captive in Mordor.
1 February Gollum is located and captured by Aragorn on the borders of Mordor.
21 March Aragorn completes his northward journey to the Woodland Realm with the captured Gollum.
3018141812 April Gandalf returns to the Shire to warn Frodo about the Ring.
13 April In Bag End, Gandalf tells Frodo the history of the Ring.
1 May Gandalf and Aragorn meet at Sarn Ford on the southern borders of the Shire.
20 June Sauron's forces simultaneously attack eastern Gondor and the Wood-elves of Thranduil. The War of the Ring begins.
Midyear's Day Gandalf encounters Radagast near Bree, and is given Saruman's message.
4 July Boromir sets out from Minas Tirith on his journey to find Imladris.
10 July Saruman traps Gandalf and imprisons him on the pinnacle of Orthanc.
18 September On their journey north to the Shire, the Black Riders cross the Fords of Isen.
18 September Gwaihir rescues Gandalf from Orthanc.
19 September Gandalf seeks aid from Théoden, but is turned away from Edoras.
20 September Gandalf returns to Edoras, and is again dismissed by Théoden, though he is granted a horse.
21 September Gandalf comes upon Shadowfax for the first time, and follows the great horse across the fields of Rohan.
22 September In Rohan, Gandalf overtakes Shadowfax. Meanwhile, far to the north, Black Riders reach the borders of the Shire.
23 September Gandalf sets out from Rohan.
23 September The Black Riders enter the Shire.
23 September Frodo, Sam and Pippin set out from Bag End.
24 September Riding north to the Shire, Gandalf crosses the River Isen.
26 September Frodo encounters Tom Bombadil and Goldberry.
27 September Gandalf, riding wildly northward from Rohan, crosses the River Greyflood.
28 September Riding on Frodo's trail, Gandalf crosses the Brandywine into the Shire's Southfarthing.
28 September Frodo and his companions are captured by a Barrow-wight, and rescued by Tom Bombadil.
29 September Gandalf speaks with Hamfast Gamgee in Hobbiton, and discovers that Frodo has already left the Shire.
29 September Frodo and his companions arrive at the Prancing Pony in Bree, and meet Strider.
30 September Gandalf arrives at Crickhollow in Buckland. Finding Frodo gone, he sets out for Bree, which he reaches at night.
30 September Black Riders raid Buckland and Bree in the early morning.
30 September The Hobbits awake in Bree to find their ponies stolen. Bill Ferny sells them his pony, later called Bill himself. Aragorn leads them out of Bree and into the Wild.
1 October Gandalf sets out from Bree and travels toward Rivendell.
3 October Gandalf reaches Weathertop, and is attacked there by Nazgûl.
6 October The Nazgûl attack the Hobbits in a dell beneath Weathertop. Frodo is wounded by a Morgul-knife.
9 October Learning that the Nazgûl have come to the Northlands, Elrond sends out riders including Glorfindel.
11 October Glorfindel discovers three Nazgûl holding the Bridge of Mitheithel. He drives them off into the west.
13 October Strider and the Hobbits cross the Bridge of Mitheithel on their journey to Rivendell.
18 October Gandalf reaches Rivendell.
18 October Aragorn and the Hobbits encounter Glorfindel at dusk.
20 October The Black Riders are swept away at the Ford of Bruinen. Frodo reaches Rivendell safely.
24 October Frodo recovers and wakes in Rivendell, at ten o'clock in the morning.
25 October The Council of Elrond is held.
25 December The setting-out of the Fellowship from Rivendell.

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