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Originally lying in the far West of Arda, later removed from the World
At first the home of the Ainur in Arda, but later many Elves also settled here
Numerous halls, mansions and fortresses. The city of the Valar was Valmar, and the Elves' most important cities were Tirion and Alqualondë.
Important peaks
Other names


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West of the World

The Blessed Realm

Map of Aman
The West of the World (conjectural)

The lands west beyond the Great Sea. In the Uttermost West was Aman, the Blessed Realm of the Valar, and the lands and cities of the Elves. After the Downfall of Númenor, the West of the World became inaccessible to mortals (apart from a very few exceptions) and could only be reached by the Elves sailing the Straight Road.

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