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Timeless Halls

The Halls of Mandos

A rare name for the Halls of Mandos, in the West beyond the Great Sea, where the spirits of Elves and Men (and perhaps Dwarves) went to dwell for a time before they passed on to their fate. For most Elves, that fate entailed becoming re-embodied and returning to life, while Men began a journey of unknown destination beyond Aman and Valinor. The fate of the Dwarves is less certain, but they themselves held that there was a place set aside for them in the Timeless Halls, in which they would wait to play their role in the remaking of Arda.

The Timeless Halls of Mandos are not to be confused with the Timeless Halls where the Ainur dwelt before the Great Music and the making of Arda.

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