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The Void, beyond the confines of Arda
These Timeless Halls were the dwellings of Ilúvatar beyond the World; the name also has two other uses, for the Timeless Halls of Ilmarin (the dwellings of Manwë and Varda) and the Timeless Halls of Mandos (the Halls of Waiting)


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Timeless Halls

The dwellings of the Ainur beyond

"Thereafter he fashioned them dwellings in the void, and dwelt among them..."
The Music of the Ainur
The History of Middle-earth volume 1
The Book of Lost Tales I

The dwelling place of the Ainur, amid the Void beyond the confines of the universe, made for them by their creator Ilúvatar. It was here that the Ainur made the Great Music that gave birth to the World, and where the beings who would become the Valar and Maiar dwelt before their descent into Arda.

It seems that, despite their name, the Timeless Halls had not always existed. Instead, Ilúvatar had originally dwelt alone in the Void, but after the creation of the Ainur he also provided a place where he could instruct them. After the creation of the Halls, it remained possible for the Ainur to pass out into the darkness that surrounded them, and indeed it is said that Melkor often wandered alone into the Void before the making of the World.

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