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Apparently dated back to the First Age; his final fate is unknown, but he certainly remained in Middle-earth during the first years of the Fourth Age
'Silver tree'
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The Telerin version of Celeborn

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Galadriel's consort Celeborn took his name from the Sindarin language, but we have a few rare cases of the same name translated into a High-elven language (in this case, Telerin) as Teleporno. This variation of his name seems to belong to a tradition that wasn't ultimately incorporated into The Silmarillion (in which Celeborn originated as one of the Teleri, rather than among the Sindar), and so it is doubtful the name was ever applied directly to the Elf himself.

A more likely use for the name, though unattested by Tolkien, would be for the White Tree of Tol Eressëa. In Middle-earth, it was referred to in Sindarin as Celeborn ('silver tree'), but the Telerin form Teleporno would seem quite appropriate for use by the Elves of the Lonely Isle.



According to the account in which Celeborn was named Teleporno, he was originally one of the Teleri of Aman rather than a Sindarin Elf. The 'Sindar' given here refers to the more established version of his origins, though by that account he would not have had the Telerin name Teleporno.

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