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In the sky, between Remmirath to the north and Helluin to the south
Created by Varda more than three Ages before the first rising of the Moon and Sun
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Swordsman of the Sky

The stars of Menelvagor

One of the most prominent constellations of the night sky, 'Swordsman of the Sky' is a translation of the Elvish names for this group of stars. Originally called in Quenya Telumehtar, and later Menelmacar, the Swordsman was more usually called Menelvagor in the Sindarin of Middle-earth. The constellation was characterised by his sword of stars, his shining belt, and the red star Borgil that sat on his shoulder. All of these are still familiar to us today, though we now call the Swordsman 'Orion'; his sword and belt are still easily seen, while Borgil is better known in modern times as the red star Betelgeuse.

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