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River of Gondor

The lower reaches of Anduin

A name given to the southern course of the Great River Anduin, where it flowed through the lands that had traditionally belonged to the realm of Gondor. This part of the river extended at least as far north as the Falls of Rauros, but its most likely furthest extent was the Argonath, some miles to the north of Rauros, which marked Gondor's ancient northern boundary. From there, the river ran on over the Falls and flowed southeastward to the borders of Ithilien, were it made a great arc to turn southwestwards. It ran on through Osgiliath and past the Harlond (the river-harbour of Minas Tirith) and the old port of Pelargir before sweeping on to meet the Great Sea in wide delta known as the Mouths of Anduin.

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