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Almost certainly raised at Great Smials
Pimpernel is pronounced 'pimperne'l'
Named for a small primrose-like flower


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Pimpernel Took

One of Peregrin Took’s three elder sisters

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With Pearl and Pervinca, one of the three elder sisters of Peregrin 'Pippin' Took. Pimpernel was the second child of Thain Paladin II and Eglantine Banks, born eleven years before her famous younger brother. She would presumably have been brought up in the ancestral home of the Tooks at Great Smials,1 but we have very little detail about her life. We do know that, along with all her immediate family, she was present at Bilbo Baggins' famous Farewell Party in III 3001; Pimpernel would have been twenty-two years old at this date.



Though we don't have any specific information about Pimpernel's upbringing, we do know that her sister Pearl and brother Peregrin spent their young lives at Great Smials, so it seems reasonable to assume that the same applies to Pimpernel and Pervinca.

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