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The date of Phurunargian's foundation is uncertain, but it probably predates the First Age; deserted in III 1981; briefly recolonised III 2989 - III 2994
In the central regions of the Misty Mountains, to the northwest of Lórien
Literally 'Dwarf-mine', though usually rendered in the archaic form 'Dwarrowdelf'
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The Westron name of Khazad-dûm

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The geography of Phurunargian1

The 'true' Westron name for Khazad-dûm or Moria, usually anglicised to 'Dwarrowdelf'. The name Phurunargian literally means 'Dwarves' mine' or 'Dwarf-delving', and derives from two ancient Common Speech roots, phur- ('to delve') and narac ('Dwarf'). Both of these words were obsolete and obscure by the end of the Third Age, and so 'Phurunargian' would have had an antique sound even to the inhabitants of Middle-earth at that time. Hence, its translation into English also uses archaic terms, in particular 'Dwarrow', an old English word for 'Dwarf'.



Elements of this map are conjectural - we are never explicitly given, for example, the route of the Redhorn Pass, nor do we know for certain which of the Mountains of Moria was which. Given the text of The Lord of the Rings, though, the layout cannot have varied much from that shown here.

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