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Introduced after about III 26701
'Old Toby' was the nickname of Tobold Hornblower, who first introduced pipe-weed to the Shire


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Old Toby

One of the best varieties of pipe-weed

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One of the most notable varieties of the plant known as pipe-weed or Halflings' Leaf, grown in the region around Longbottom in the Shire's Southfarthing. It took its name from the famous old Hobbit who introduced pipe-weed to the Shire, the original 'Old Toby', Tobold Hornblower. This connection with Tobold Hornblower implies that Old Toby was one of the oldest varieties being grown in the Southfarthing, perhaps by Tobold's own descendants. Though the details are unclear, we do know that Old Toby was considered among the best of the pipe-weeds to be produced in the Shire.



The first pipe-weed of any kind was grown in the Shire in about the year 1070 by the Shire-reckoning (that is, the year 2670 of the Third Age), so Old Toby must have appeared after this date. Its apparent connections with Longbottom (where the first Leaf was grown) and the Hornblower family (who first grew it) hint that it was developed fairly soon after this date.

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