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Flourished III 2670 (1070 by the Shire-reckoning)
'Tobold' is a variation on Theobold ('brave people')
'Hornblower' suggests that one of Tobold's ancestors was literally the blower of a horn (though it's hard to avoid a whimsical connection with pipe-smoking)
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Tobold Hornblower

The first Shire-hobbit to grow pipe-weed

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A famous Hobbit of Longbottom in the South-farthing of the Shire. In his younger days, Tobold was something of a traveller, and made the eastward journey to Bree on several occasions. It was there, it is generally supposed, that he came across the cultivation and smoking of pipe-weed. Tobold must have collected some of these plants and brought them back to his own garden in Longbottom. (At least, this is the most likely version of events - Tobold himself remained silent on the matter).

The Southfarthing seems to have been ideal for the growing of pipe-weed, and it became one the Shire's most important industries. Among the different varieties that were developed, one was named 'Old Toby' in honour of Tobold its first grower.

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