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The birthplace of pipe-weed in the Shire

Map of Longbottom
Map of Longbottom (partially conjectural)1

A village or town in the Southfarthing of the Shire. Its name means 'long valley', and we know that the village and its surroundings were sheltered from the elements, probably by the valley's sides.

Longbottom entered history in about III 2670 (1070 by the Shire-reckoning), when a certain Tobold Hornblower introduced a new herb there. The valley's sheltered aspect, and the relatively warm climate of the Southfarthing, made the region around Longbottom ideal for growing this new plant, pipe-weed, which rapidly became the centre of a thriving industry. Longbottom Leaf remained one of the most famous varieties of the weed.



No map shows precisely where Longbottom lay, but the map of the Shire included in The Lord of the Rings shows two roads converging to the south, one of which is marked 'To Longbottom'. On that basis, the town cannot have stood far from the location indicated on the map above.

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