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Northern Fences

The northern borders of Lórien

The name given by the Elves of Lórien to the northern extent of their land. Despite the use of the word 'fences', there was no physical barrier at the border of Lórien. Rather, the word apparently refers to the edge of the Golden Wood (and perhaps to the extent of the power of Galadriel1). At the end of the Third Age the Northern Fences were guarded by three brothers (Haldir, Rúmil and Orophin) and doubtless others of the Galadhrim as well. It was through the Northern Fences that the Company of the Ring passed into Lórien after their escape from the Mines of Moria.



The choice of the word 'fences' was perhaps influenced by the land of Doriath in Beleriand, where Galadriel had dwelt for a time during the First Age. Doriath was enclosed by a magical barrier - the Girdle of Melian - and its name derives from Elvish dor iâth, 'Land of the Fence'.

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