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Descended from the House of Isildur; founded his own house, known as Telcontar
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A translation of Estel, Aragorn's name in childhood
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The meaning of Aragorn‘s name Estel

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"I gave Hope to the Dúnedain, I have kept no hope for myself."
Translated words of Aragorn's mother Gilraen
The Lord of the Rings Appendix A I (iv) A Part of the Tale of Aragorn and Arwen

The translation of Aragorn's name Estel, given to him by his mother Gilraen. To keep the Heir of Isildur secret from the spies of Sauron, this was the name he used for the first twenty years of his life. Indeed, he did not know his own ancestry in these early years, until it was revealed to him by Elrond.

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