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Chosen by Aragorn as the name of his house on 15 March III 3019; the house survived into the Fourth Age
The house of Aragorn Elessar and his descendants, in turn descended from the House of Isildur
An Elvish translation of 'Strider', Aragorn's name in the North


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The royal house founded by Aragorn Elessar

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The name chosen by Aragorn for his royal house, so that in full he was styled 'Elessar Telcontar' after his coronation as High King. This royal title was passed to his heirs, so his son would have been Eldarion Telcontar, and so on. The name was chosen from the Quenya tongue1, signifying 'Strider', the nickname used of Aragorn in the north by which he first became known to Frodo and his companions.



The exact etymology of the word is unclear, but it seems to derive from telco, 'leg'. The same word is used for the straight 'stem' lines used in Elvish writing.

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