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The Gentle

A title of Estë

A title given to Estë, one of the seven Valier or Queens of the Valar. The spouse of Lórien the bringer of dreams, Estë's province was healing, including the healing of weariness (which doubtless connects to Lórien's own dominion of sleep and dreams). Clad in grey, she sleeps by day1 on an island in the lake of Lórellin within the gardens of Lórien, and she brings rest and ease even to the Valar themselves.



In the words of the Valaquenta: 'She walks not by day, but sleeps upon an island in the tree-shadowed lake of Lórellin.' This seems to imply that Estë walks by night, but during the long Years of the Trees there was neither day or night in Valinor. Perhaps these words simply mean that Estë slept when the Light of the Trees was at its fullest, awaking only when it faded, but that is far from a natural reading. Alternatively, perhaps these words were written after the Darkening of Valinor and the first rising of the Sun, in which case Estë's association with the night must have arisen relatively late in her history.

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