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The landmass lying to the east of the Great Sea
Literally 'middle land', but usually translated 'Middle-earth'
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An Elvish name for Middle-earth

Map of Ennor
The northwestern regions of Endor (Middle-earth) at the time of the War of the Ring

An Elvish word meaning 'middle land' (in classical Quenya Endóre, or in Sindarin Ennor) the term in that language for the landmass known more commonly as Middle-earth.

The meaning of Endor shifted over history: at one point it referred specifically to the middlemost point of the whole World of Arda. Given the huge relative size of Middle-earth, this point fell within its boundaries, at a place far to the south of its familiar parts and somewhat inland from its western shores. Over time the term expanded in use from this single point to encompass the entire region, and so in later texts we see Endor being used as a synonym for the whole of Middle-earth, the Great Lands eastward of the Western Sea.

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