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Created at the time of the Hiding of Valinor, about fifty years before the first rising of the Moon and Sun; removed from the World after the Downfall of Númenor in II 33191
In the Great Sea, extending out from Aman to protect its coasts
Created by the Valar as part of the defences of their realm


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Enchanted Isles

Entrapments of the western seas

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Map of the Enchanted Isles
The Enchanted Isles within the Great Sea (somewhat conjectural)2

Part of the defences of Valinor, a group of islands set in the Great Sea to prevent mariners from reaching Aman.



After the Downfall of Númenor, Aman was taken away from the World so that it could only be reached by the so-called Straight Road. It's unclear what this would have meant for the Enchanted Isles: all we can say for sure is that they no longer exist in the Bent World that came after this time. The natural assumption seems to be that they were removed from the World along with Aman, though it is not impossible that they were destroyed in the deluges that brought down Númenor.


The geography shown here is based on a sketch map in volume 4 of The History of Middle-earth. This is the latest map we have showing the Enchanted Isles, but it comes from early in the development of Arda within Tolkien's imagination. The arrangement of Middle-earth on this map is quite different from later developments, and similarly the Enchanted Isles may not ultimately have been intended to retain the configuration shown here.

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