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Hiding of Valinor

The Valar’s defence of their realm

A time, also known as Nurtalë Valinóreva, immediately following the Darkening of Valinor and the destruction of the Two Trees. Perceiving themselves under threat from Melkor, the Valar set about raising defences against their old enemy, defences that had the effect of also blocking access to Valinor to mortals as well as Melkor and his forces. In this time the mountains of the Pelóri were raised to create immense heights above sheer cliff-faces, and the seas eastward of Aman were strung with Enchanted Isles to snare unwary voyagers. The defences raised during the Hiding of Valinor remained impenetrable until near the end of the First Age, when Eärendil the Mariner succeeded in passing through them, though only with the aid of a Silmaril.

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