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The South-kingdom was founded in II 3320, and survived into the Fourth Age
Gondor, the South-kingdom founded by Elendil and his sons
Dúnedain is pronounced 'doo'nedine'
Dúnedain means 'Men of the West'. This culture is styled 'of the South' to distinguish them from the Dúnedain of the North who dwelt in Arnor
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Dúnedain of the South

The Gondorians

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The descendants of the Exiles of Númenor who settled in the southern lands of Middle-earth, and founded the South-kingdom of Gondor. Their first independent King was Meneldil, the nephew of Isildur, whose line ruled over Gondor for more than two thousand years. Unlike their cousins in the North, the Dúnedain of the South maintained their realm even after the loss of its Kings, and it survived under the rule of the Stewards until the time of the War of the Ring, when the Kingship was restored.

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