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On the Water near the village of Bywater in the Westfarthing of the Shire
Fed by the Water flowing from the west, and another unnamed stream flowing down from the Northfarthing
The Water flowed on eastward from the Pool
Named for the village Bywater, which was in turn named for the fact that it was 'by the Water'
Other names
Often abbreviated to simply 'the Pool'


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Bywater Pool

A small lake in the Water

An oval pool that formed in the Shire-river known simply as the Water. It formed at the inflow of one of the Water's tributaries, just to the southeast of Hobbiton. A community of Hobbits lived on its shores, notably in a row of Hobbit-holes along the Pool's northern bank. The village around the Pool was known, naturally enough, as Bywater, the village by the Water.

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