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Probably founded some time after III 23401
East of the Brandywine, outside the High Hay
Presumably Bucklanders
'Briar hill'


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A village beyond the Hedge

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Map of Breredon

The location of Breredon (somewhat conjectural)

"'Hoy! Here's Woodman Tom with his billy-beard on!' laughed all the little folk of Hays-end and Breredon."
The Adventures of Tom Bombadil 2
Bombadil Goes Boating

A village of Hobbits that lay outside the great Hedge known as the High Hay, which protected most of the Bucklanders from the strange beings who inhabited the Old Forest. Breredon stood on a small hill between the Hedge and the River Withywindle, from which it took its name (Breredon means 'briar hill'). Living without the protection of the High Hay, the Hobbits of Breredon were unusually ready to defend themselves against 'Forest-folk and bogies from the Barrows' (ibid), even going so far as to shoot arrows at Tom Bombadil as he travelled past them on the river.



We don't know exactly when Breredon was founded, but its location beyond the Brandywine implies that it probably didn't exist before the founding of Buckland in III 2340.

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