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Probably built some time after III 23401
On the Withywindle, southward of Buckland
Associated with Breredon and Haysend
Derived from grind, a word referring to the protective fence that walled the landing from the Old Forest


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A landing on the Withywindle

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Map of Grindwall

The location of Grindwall (somewhat conjectural)

A small hythe or landing place used by the Hobbits of nearby Breredon and Haysend. It stood on the northern bank of the Withywindle, just before that river flowed into the Brandywine on the southern fringes of the Old Forest. Being beyond the protection of the great Hedge of the High Hay, the landing was guarded by a strong surrounding fence that extended out into the river (the old word for this was a grind, hence the name 'Grindwall'). According to the poem Bombadil Goes Boating, Tom Bombadil travelled down the Withywindle and moored his boat at Grindwall on at least one occasion.



We don't know specifically when Grindwall was constructed, but III 2340 is the date of the settlement of Buckland, when Hobbits from the Shire first settled the lands eastward of the Brandywine.

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