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SarumanThe White Wizard, traitor to the White Council
Valley of SarumanThe cleft of Nan Curunír

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BerenThe Steward who installed Saruman in Orthanc
Bill FernySaruman’s agent at Bree
Bird-tamerSaruman’s title for Radagast
CurumoThe Quenya name of Saruman
CurunírThe Elvish form of Saruman’s name
Goblin-menCreatures bred by Saruman as his servants
Gríma WormtongueSaruman’s spy at the court of Théoden
Half-orcsFoul creatures bred by Saruman
IsengardThe fortress of Saruman
Key of OrthancThe Key to Saruman's Tower
Many ColoursA late title of Saruman
Nan CurunírThe valley of the Wizard Saruman
Orcs of the White HandOrcs in the service of Saruman
RulerA title claimed by Saruman for himself
SharkeyA nickname of Saruman
Spy-birdsAirborne agents of Saruman
Stone of OrthancSaruman’s palantír
The FoolRadagast, according to Saruman
The SimpleSaruman’s mocking name for Radagast
Tower of OrthancStronghold of Saruman
UglúkOne of Saruman’s Uruk-hai
White HandA symbol used by Saruman
Wood-demonsSaruman’s mocking name for the Ents
WormSaruman’s name for Gríma

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