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Window of the Sunset

Refuge of the Rangers of Ithilien

A waterfall in the land of North Ithilien near the northwestern borders of Mordor. Behind the fall was a deep cavern, and one standing within the cave could look out westwards to see the setting Sun cast red light through the shimmering waters. Thus it got its name, 'Window of the Sunset' (which is a translation of Elvish Henneth Annûn).

Ithilien had been a possession of Gondor since its earliest days, but by the year III 2901, a little over a century before the War of the Ring, attacks by the Uruks of Mordor had left the land all but deserted. At that time the Men of Gondor established the Window of the Sunset as a hidden refuge on the borders of the Enemy. It was from here that they launched raids on the followers of Sauron, and it was here that Faramir brought Frodo and Sam to be questioned after they were found wandering within the bounds of old Ithilien.

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