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Made into a refuge for the Rangers of Ithilien in III 2901
North Ithilien, on a stream running out of the Ephel Dúath
Famed for its beauty since the early days of Gondor, but later established as a hidden fortification for the defenders of Ithilien
The source of the stream that ran over the waterfall was in the northern Ephel Dúath, northeastward Henneth Annûn
The stream ran on southwestwards to join Anduin below Cair Andros
he'nneth a'nnoon
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Henneth Annûn

The Window of the Sunset

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Map of Henneth Annûn

One of the last refuges of the Men of Gondor in Ithilien during the late Third Age. Its name means 'Window on the West' (or 'Sunset'), taken from the waterfall that flowed over it and hid it from the servants of Sauron.



Sindarin henneth, 'window', is derived from hên, 'eye' (as in Amon Hen, the 'Hill of the Eye' or the 'Hill of Sight'). Etymologically speaking, then, Henneth Annûn was the 'way of seeing the West' or the 'way of seeing the sunset'. (Annûn could mean either 'West' or 'sunset' here, and indeed the name is variously translated as the 'Window on the West' or the 'Window of the Sunset'.)

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