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The Barad-dûr was built between c. II 1000 and c. II 1600, and destroyed in II 3441; rebuilding began in III 2951, and the Tower was finally destroyed in III 30191
The highest tower of Barad-dûr, facing westwards toward Orodruin


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Window of the Eye

The opening of the Red Eye

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The opening in the highest tower of Barad-dûr, from which Sauron surveyed the lands of Middle-earth. The Window was said to face westward, towards Orodruin some forty miles away. Since Sauron's Eye was able to gaze in any direction, it seems that there may have been other Windows in the high tower of Barad-dûr, looking out to the north, east and south.



These dates presume that the original Dark Tower of the Second Age had its own Window of the Eye. In fact we only have direct evidence for a Window in the second Tower, built at the end the of the Third Age. However, given that Window seemed crucial to the projection of Sauron's power, it appears likely that he would have had a similar structure in the original Barad-dûr.

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