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Eye of Barad-dûr

The watchful glare of the Dark Tower

Also called the Eye of Sauron or the Eye of Mordor: the mysterious watching force that emanated from the Window of the Eye high in Barad-dûr. The Eye seems to represent the malicious gaze of Sauron himself: he could bend its power to see events far away in Middle-earth, but the Eye could only observe one thing at one time. In many ways, the Eye appears to operate in the same way as a palantír, and it may be that the Eye of Barad-dûr was the Seeing-stone looted from Minas Ithil. On the other hand, there are accounts of the first Dark Lord, Morgoth, possessing similar powers, and so it may be that the Eye was an innate ability of all the Ainur.

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