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Adopted briefly during I 496
Equivalent to Saeros' insult, 'Woodwose'1
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Wildman of the Woods

One of the many aliases of Túrin Turambar

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One of the many aliases of Túrin Turambar, used by him among the Men of the Forest of Brethil.



Some years before Túrin came to Brethil and adopted the alias 'Wildman of the Woods' he had been taunted by the Elf Saeros, who called him a 'Woodwose' - an unkempt and wild being - and it was Túrin's violent response to these taunts that caused his exile from Doriath. 'Woodwose' is often translated 'wild man of the woods', so Túrin's choice of this as an alias may recall Saeros' insult, though Túrin bore the name only briefly, and offered no explanation, so it is difficult to be sure how relevant this coincidence of meaning might be.

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