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A character in Sam's Troll-rhyme

Adventuring in the hills west of Rivendell, Strider and the Hobbits came across the petrified remains of the Stone-trolls encountered by Bilbo and the Dwarves many years before. There, Sam recited a rather gruesome rhyme that he had created himself, in which a character named Tom encounters a lone Troll gnawing the shin-bone of his uncle Tim. Understandably enraged by this, he aimed a kick at the Troll, but the monster's hide was as strong as stone, and so Tom earned himself a lame leg.

There's no suggestion that Tom actually existed outside Sam's imagination (though it's not entirely impossible that he based his rhyme on real events). To confuse matters, one of the three Stone-trolls that inspired Sam's recitation was himself named Tom, but this is simple coincidence: the Tom in the rhyme is very clearly not a Troll.

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