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Born III 2980 (1380 by the Shire-reckoning); lived to at least IV 21 (S.R. 1442)1
to'lman ko'tton
'Tolman' literally means 'toll man', a collector of tolls, though the name seems to be used here following a family tradition
Other names
'Tolman' was commonly abbreviated to 'Tom'
This Tolman's father was also named 'Tolman', so there were two Hobbits with the name 'Tolman Cotton'; for more on the elder Tolman, see the entry for Tolman 'Tom' Cotton, senior


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Tolman ‘Tom’ Cotton, junior

The elder brother of Rose Cotton

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Mayors of the Shire

The son and namesake of the Tolman Cotton who helped rally the Shire-hobbits after the return of the Travellers. He married Sam Gamgee's youngest sister, Marigold.



We don't know exactly how long this Hobbit lived, but we do know that in Shire-year 1442 (IV 21), Sam Gamgee left the Shire to spend a year in Gondor, and his position as Mayor was filled during this time by a Hobbit named Tolman Cotton. The elder Tolman had died two years earlier, so this Deputy Mayor must have been the younger Tolman, showing that he lived at least to the age of sixty-two.

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