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Approximately III 2942 - IV 19 (1342 - 1440 by the Shire-reckoning)1
Born into the Brown family; married into the Cottons
Settled on the Cottons' farm south of Bywater after her marriage
Named for the flower, lily
Other names
Commonly referred to as 'Mrs. Cotton'


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Mrs. Lily Cotton (née Lily Brown)

Sam Gamgee’s mother-in-law

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The wife of Tolman Cotton of Bywater, and mother to Rose Cotton, who would marry Samwise Gamgee after the War of the Ring. She makes a very brief appearance in the text of The Lord of the Rings, where she is referred to simply as 'Mrs. Cotton'.



We have no specific dates for Lily Browns's birth or death. The dates shown here are based on the known dates of her husband Tolman Cotton, which were doubtless relatively close to Lily's own.

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