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In the northeastern Bay of Belfalas, offshore from the Mouths of Anduin
to'lfalas (or, as two words, to'l fa'las)
Probably 'shoreland isle'1


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The island at the Mouths of Anduin

A large island, also named in the form Tol Falas, that stood beyond the Ethir Anduin in the Bay of Belfalas. Its sharp southern cape was traditionally considered as marking the southernmost point of Gondor proper.



The interpretation of the words tol and falas is clear, but the reasons for the name are less certain. The choice of falas, 'shore, coast' may be due to the fact that it was close to the mainland coasts of Gondor (only about twenty-five miles from the peninsula of Belfalas). Alternatively, falas implies not simply a shore, but a shore washed by surf, and perhaps the island's wave-washed coastline gave rise to its name. Finally, the name may not have a specific meaning, but rather be intended to reflect nearby Belfalas on the coasts of Gondor.

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