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Devised in Valinor during the Years of the Trees
Invented by Fëanor, based on the work of Rúmil
'Tinco series' (tinco means 'metal', but is used here for purely phonetic reasons)


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The ‘t-series’ of the Tengwar

The témar of the Tengwar

A series of six characters that composed part of the Fëanorian writing system. The series took its name from the first of its signs, tinco (literally meaning 'metal', but here simply representing the Elvish character for 't'). Each of the symbols in the series was characterised by variations on an unclosed bow, or lúva, curving downwards and to the right from a stem, or telco.

In principle, the characters in the series could represent a variety of different sounds, though in practice their use became essentially standardised by the Third Age. The first four signs in the series, tinco, ando, thúle and anto, each represented a variant of the basic 't' sound: 't', 'd', 'th' and 'dh', respectively. The fifth sign, númen, represented 'n', and finally óre indicated a weak 'r' sound.

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