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Between 22 April and 21 May on a modern (Gregorian) calendar
From thrimilch, 'three milkings', referring to the need to milk cows more often at this time of year
Other names
Thrimidge, Thrimilch (the months of Lótessë and Lothron also corresponded exactly with Thrimich, without being directly related)


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A form of the month name Thrimidge

'Thrimidge' was the fifth month of the Shire Calendar, corresponding to Quenya Lótessë, or approximately to modern May. The name descended from the old form Thrimilch, meaning 'three milkings' (this being a time of year when cows produce so much milk they need to be milked three times a day). That old name evolved over time to the standard form Thrimidge, but the old form survived in a common pronunciation (and sometimes spelling) of the name as 'Thrimich'.

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