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Created at the beginning of the Second Age; destroyed II 3319
The southwestern promontory of the island of Númenor
Eldalondë and Nindamos stood on the borders of this region
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The Hyarnustar of Númenor

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Map of the Southwestlands

Regions of Númenor

The long southwestern promontory of Númenor that lay to the south of the Bay of Eldanna. Its inland regions were most famous for their wine-making, but as it stretched out towards the sea, its southwestern uplands became mountainous, and ended in high sea-cliffs. Where the Southwestlands met the Southeastlands, the Siril - the greatest river in Númenor - ran between the two lands, and where it flowed into the sea stood the fishing port of Nindamos, the most important settlement in this part of Númenor.

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