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Modern 23 May - 21 June (by the Stewards' Reckoning); 22 May - 21 June (by the older King's Reckoning)
no'rui ('ui' as in English 'ruin')
Approximately '(Month) of the heat of the Sun'1
Other names
Nárië; closely equivalent to Forelithe on the Shire Calendar, or Lithe on the calendar of Bree


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The sixth month of the year

Months of the year

The name used by the Dúnedain, taken from the Sindarin language, for the sixth of the year's twelve months. It fell between the fifth and seventh months, Lothron and Cerveth. The name 'Nórui' is related to the Quenya Nárië, used in most related calendars of Middle-earth. Both names seem to the refer to the Sun, as this month marked the coming of summer.



The Sindarin nór- element (equivalent to Quenya nár-) literally means 'fire' or 'flame', but with an explicit connection to the Sun (which was known as Anor in Sindarin, or Anar in Quenya). So Nórui was the month of the heat of the Sun or, perhaps more naturally, the 'month of sunshine'.

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