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North Road of Ithilien

The road to the Morannon

The road that ran northwards from the Cross-roads above Osgiliath, skirting the foothills of the Ephel Dúath and running the length of North Ithilien. At its northern end, it turned right, and ran northeastwards for some forty miles until it reached the Black Gate of Mordor.

In the year III 1944, the North Road was the scene of a battle between the Gondorians and the Wainriders. King Ondoher had already been killed in the fighting, but his captain Minohtar fought a rearguard action on the Road, just past the point where it turned northeastwards. Minohtar was killed and his army was defeated, but they earned enough time for Gondor's remaining forces to regroup and recover. Shortly afterwards, at the Battle of the Camp, Eärnil was able to surprise the Wainriders and utterly defeat them.

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