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Destroyed at the end of the First Age
Running west to east between the mountains of Ered Gorgoroth to the north and the marches of Doriath to the south
Made a place of dread by the spawn of Ungoliant in the mountains to the north and the magics of the Girdle of Melian to the south
Aros, Esgalduin and Mindeb had their sources in the mountains on the northern side of the valley
The Pass of Anach ran southward through the Ered Gorgoroth into the western end of Nan Dungortheb
na'n doongo'rtheb
'Valley of Dreadful Death'
Other names
Valley of Dreadful Death


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Nan Dungortheb

The dreadful valley north of Doriath

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Map of Nan Dungortheb

The dreadful valley in northern Beleriand that ran west to east between the haunted mountains of the Ered Gorgoroth, and the enchanted northern marches of Doriath.

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