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An uncle of Bergil


Presumed genealogy of Iorlas (though note that all we know for certain is that he was the uncle of Bergil, and so he may have been the brother of Bergil's (unnamed) mother, rather than his father Beregond).

A Man named by Pippin's young friend Bergil as his uncle. Almost nothing certain is known for certain about Iorlas, but it seems reasonable to guess that he was the brother of Bergil's father Beregond, and was probably a citizen of Minas Tirith like the rest of his family. One thing that can be said for sure is his age at the time of the Battle of the Pelennor (when Pippin revealed to Bergil that he was twenty-nine years old, Bergil remarked that he was therefore the same age as his uncle Iorlas). Iorlas' name, then, is apparently intended as ironic, because it contains the element iaur, meaning 'old'.

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