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Established after the building of Minas Anor (later Minas Tirith), possibly before the end of the Second Age;1 endured into the Fourth Age
Against the southern wall of the sixth circle of Minas Tirith


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Houses of Healing

The hospital of Minas Tirith

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The houses that lay in the sixth circle of Minas Tirith, surrounded by lawns and trees, where the Healers of Gondor did their work.



We have no way to be sure how long these buildings had been dedicated as Houses of Healing, but it is notable that (uniquely in the city) the Houses stood within their own gardens. This could be taken to imply that they were intended by city's builders as a place of rest and recovery, and therefore may date back even as far as the city's founding. This is not conclusive, as the gardens may originally have had some other purpose, or might themselves have been a later addition to the city, but it at least implies that the Houses of Healing were long established in their place on the sixth circle of Minas Tirith.

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