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Gondolin stood between I 116 and I 510 (endured 394 years)
The 'Golden Flower' in the name of the house is a reference to the celandine


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House of the Golden Flower

Glorfindel’s house of Gondolin

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The earliest accounts of Gondolin divide its people into numerous folk or houses1, each with their own emblem: the Fountain, the Golden Flower, the Heavenly Arch, the Pillar, the Swallow, the Tower of Snow and the Tree. These houses corresponded to military units, each with their own specialties, but few are mentioned in the later versions of the The Silmarillion. The major exception is the House of the Golden Flower, whose banner was a rayed Sun, and whose name referred to the golden flower celandine. The chief of the house was Glorfindel, who went into battle wearing a cloak and armour detailed with gold.



These houses, their lords and emblems are described in The Fall of Gondolin, in volume 2 of The History of Middle-earth.

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